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August 2009

OpenSocial - It's Open. It's Social. It's up to you.

by ycc2106 & 1 other
OpenSocial is commonly described as a more open cross-platform alternative to the Facebook Platform, it's a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google along with MySpace and a number of other social networks.

June 2009

Shindig - Welcome To Shindig!

by holyver & 4 others (via)
What is Shindig? Shindig is a container for hosting social application consisting of four parts: * Gadget Container JavaScript: core JavaScript foundation for general gadget functionality (read more about gadget functionality). This JavaScript manages security, communication, UI layout, and feature extensions, such as the OpenSocial API. * Gadget Rendering Server: used to render the gadget XML into JavaScript and HTML for the container to expose via the container JavaScript. * OpenSocial Container JavaScript: JavaScript environment that sits on top of the Gadget Container JavaScript and provides OpenSocial specific functionality (profiles, friends, activities, datastore). * OpenSocial Data Server: an implementation of the server interface to container-specific information, including the OpenSocial REST APIs, with clear extension points so others can connect it to their own backends. Shindig is the reference implementation of OpenSocial API specifications, a standard set of Social Network APIs which includes: * Profiles * Relationships * Activities * Shared applications * Authentication * Authorization

February 2009

December 2008

December 2007

Open? Social?

by CharlesNepote
"As part of this continuing innovation, you acknowledge and agree that Google may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the API (or any features of the API) to you or to users generally at Google.s sole discretion, without prior notice to you."

November 2007

OpenSocial - Google Code

by srcmax & 6 others (via)
The web is more interesting when you can build apps that easily interact with your friends and colleagues. But with the trend towards more social applications also comes a growing list of site-specific APIs that developers must learn. OpenSocial provides a common set of APIs for social applications across multiple websites. With standard JavaScript and HTML, developers can create apps that access a social network's friends and update feeds.

Who's Using It? - OpenSocial - Google Code

by springnet
bebo, currenttv, friendster, imeem, myspace, netvibes, ning, orkut, paypal, plaxo, slide, xing, etc. are all opensocial launch partners

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