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AOL 中国

by deltrintem shanxi

AOL、広告関連組織「Platform-A」を欧州へも展開 - ITmedia News

by kuroyagi
"AOLはこれまで、欧州ではAdvertising.comやADTECH、buy.atなどの広告事業を展開してきた。Platform-Aはこうした事業をまとめるほか、QuigoやTACODA、Third Screen Mediaなどの買収で得た検索や広告関連の技術も統合。広告主に対し、「最善のマーケティングツールと技術」を「1つの窓口から」提供できるとしている。"

AOL very unlikely to buy KickApps-source | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters

by Hemanshu (via)
Time Warner Inc's (TWX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) AOL is "very unlikely" to buy social media software maker KickApps, a source familiar with AOL's plans said on Friday, quashing speculation of its interest.

Yahoo Formally Rejects Microsoft Bid [SearchEngineWatch]

by kuroyagi
"AOL doesn't have its own search index, but licenses Google's, so an AOL tie-up would likely see Yahoo keep its search and search ad operations. AOL has been investing heavily in advertising technology, adding Tacoda (behavioral targeting), AdTech (ad serving, big in Europe), Lightningcast (video ads), Quigo (contextual ads) and Third Screen Media (mobile ads) to its newly formed Platform A business, built around the base of its ad network."


Netscape est mort !

by kooolman
"Compte tenu du focus d'AOL et du succès que la Fondation Mozilla a rencontré dans le développement de produits critiques reconnus, nous estimons que c'est de bon moment pour mettre un terme au développement des navigateurs sous la marque Netscape, de passer la main entièrement à Mozilla et d'encourager les utilisateurs de Netscape à adopter Firefox." Ayons une pensée émue en sa mémoire.

24: The Unaired 1994 Pilot - CollegeHumor video

by bouilloire
Et merci à MagicFred pour l'éclat de rire :) - The Economics of Content - AOL To Buy Contextual Ad Company Quigo For $300 Million: Report

by kuroyagi (via)
AOL (NYSE: TWX) is in the process of acquiring New York/Israel-based ad targeting provider Quigo for $300 million, according to Haaretz, an Israeli daily newspaper.

AOL To Acquire Behavioral Targeting Ad Network Tacoda

by kuroyagi
AOL owns the largest online ad network,, and will be integrating BT capabilities into that property as well as others across its network.

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » AOLも広告ネットワーク所有

by kuroyagi

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