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What is a Healthy Skin Diet ?

by clarity (via)
Your diet is no. 1. For a healthy skin, you must eat healthy. A healthy skin diet is most impotent to fight against rosacea/acne. Diet controls the shape and state of our bodies, minds and skin. Chantal Ward, RN and Medical Aesthetic Expert, encourages those with sensitive skin to consider a “Rosacea Diet”, the best diet for someone with Rosacea or any other inflammatory condition, as it typically an alkaline diet. Here is a must read article by claritymedspa for a healthy skin Diet.

what can I do for large pores?

by clarity (via)
The main reason behind larger pores are overactive sebaceous (oil) glands. this forces the pores to expand and accommodate excess oil on your face. Factors that contribute to enlarged pores include age, male sex, acne, chronic sun exposure or a genetic disposition. When pores become clogged with cellular debris causing blackheads, they will appear even larger.

Where do wrinkles and folds come from?

by clarity (via)
As we grow older our skin gets thinner, drier and less elastic and skin's capability to protect itself also reduces with the process of aging and a fold or ridge gives your face a wrinkled expression which is know are wrinkles and fold. Some other reasons can be smoking, genetic factor, exposure to ultra-violet rays and lighter skin etc.Sun damage, smoking, dehydration, some medications, as well as a number of other factors may also cause wrinkles to develop.


MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Review

by pigmyscout (via)
What are the inexpensive ways of reducing wrinkles without irritation? Check out MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Review.

Use Snail Extract To Banish Wrinkles

by Jaks
Are you prepared to put snail extract cream on your skin to help banish those fine lines and wrinkles appearing on your face and particularly under and around your eyes?


Anti Aging Explained

by rockroll551989 & 3 others (via)
great info site about anti aging

Natural Vitamin Supplements

by harry123
Fresh fruit and vegetables grown organically have proven to be the best sources of natural vitamins. Vitamins in this form are assimilated synergistically in conjunction with other nutrients. Natural vitamin supplements are made from food sources, and they contain a natural blend of vitamins and nutrients from real sources such as Brewer's yeast, maize, liver, alfalfa, sprouted foods, spirulina, chlorella, and more. Vitamin B Complex Supplementation with Vitamin B6 has been found to decrease PMS symptoms and can provide relief for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness...


Antiaging Nutritional Plan Makes You 10 Years Younger

by mybm
A well-rounded nutritional formula consists of three things that should be no surprise to anyone. They are exercise, healthy diet and a set of vitamins and supplements to round out your plan.

Goji Juice

by maxwell91
Learn About How Himalayan Goji Juice Can Get You Feeling Super Healthy. Himalayan Goji Juice Is The Worlds #1 Antioxidant Food, and Best Anti-Aging Food. Himalayan Goji Juice.


DHEA for Antiaging

by stephensmith
Live to 150? Increase libido? Have a sleek, sexy body no matter your age? DHEA may be able to do all these things and more. This is the most comprehensive informational site on this "fountain of youth in a pill."

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