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iPhones in France to be available with Orange

by jsbi
Apple has just announced that Orange will be the Wireless Carrier to support the iPhone's release on the 29th of November. It has took sometime for Apple to come up with a deal along with Orange. Looks like this decision was taken due to the legislation problems in France that demanded from Wireless Carriers to unlock handsets after six months, at the users' request.

How to make your Elevator to go Non-Stop to any Floor you wish?

by jsbi
I found this very cool video which explains how you can make any(90%) Elevators in the world to go Non-Stop to any floor you wish to go. Give it a try.

Now you can easily Configure Outlook 2007 to access Gmail using IMAP

by jsbi
If you'd like to access your Gmail Account from a mail client like Outlook 2007 and not from the gmail website then you have some news to cheerish on - Google has finally implemented IMAP support in Gmail! So you can now easily control the messages in your gmail account straight from your desktop.

baby announcements ideas

by babyidea
baby announcements ideas

Many Ways To Announce A Birth

by stratman
A count of graphics and designs are available for parents to choose from that might help personalize birth announcements.




by KarlMarx

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