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Explaindio Elements

by equis
Explaindio Elements is a new, first of its kind, video content creation app, which allows you to generate full length social and promo videos by simply swiping DFY scene templates, snapping them into place, and customizing hotspots.

VidSting Video marketing tool

by equis
Create fascinating 3D intros, deluxe 3D logo animations with the world's first video sting creator app.



by equis
This video marketing tool has an enormous library of graphics that is needed by every internet video marketer on the planet today.


by equis
Complete animation and graphics software that allows you to create high quality animations, banner ads, GIF, video ads, plus much more in just a few clicks by using the latest technology.

Animation Studio

by equis
The World's first video creation software that enables you to produce animation videos, in any language, in just minutes. The software includes pre-made templates across the hottest niches, that you can customize for any business.The software has the ability to record your own voice, add music, or use the pre-made professional voice overs. With the included commercial license of the software, you can instantly sell the videos you create and keep all the profits for yourself.



tomoAwasu • Background: Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga

by sylvainulg (via)
a really nice dust-blown-by-the-wind animation here.

Home - App Animations

by Spone
Welcome to App Animations, a collection of iOS animations to inspire your next project. You can sort through the 58 animations by their patterns and style, save your favorites after registering, and embed the them on your own site or inspiration board. And be sure to visit this site on your mobile device for looping full screen animations!


by Krome & 2 others
A little JavaScript class (without dependencies) to draw and animate SVG path strokes


by Spone & 2 others
A little JavaScript class (without dependencies) to draw and animate SVG path strokes

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