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ONLINE TOOL - GIF - Animated gif editor and gif maker

by decembre
is simple online gif maker and toolset for basic animated gif editing. Here you can create, resize, crop, reverse, optimize, and apply some effects to gifs.


2009 - create animated gifs online from video or pictures for free

by ycc2106
# Create an Animated Gif # Convert Video to Gif # Split an Animated Gif # Resize Image

Kanji Cafe

by ycc2106
download and use any of 1,654 kanji stroke order animations on your web page

Alpoy - Avatar Creator and Animator | Log In

by ycc2106
create and manage animated avatars from photo or drawing – revives texts

by ycc2106
LiveTyping is tool whereby you can record what you are typing and show others the way you keyed in any particular message.



by ycc2106 & 8 others
Creates letters using bird-view buildings of the world!

animated memory game -

by ycc2106
Try all the memory tests(sound, faces, animated...) INteresting to see how we remember things differently. For me faces was the easiest. ! :: Share your Gifs

by fastclemmy
You'd better like bouncing breasts!

Sprint - Sprint Sweets

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Very nice ecard - (builds a film of people writing each letter)

TECHtionary :: World's First and Largest Animated Magazine on TECHnology

by ycc2106
flash animated dictionary-tutorial of network acronyms and tech terms

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