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July 2012

June 2012

Firefox pour Android nouvelle version 14.0

by Monique
Bonne présentation de cette nouvelle version

Linus Torvalds reçoit le prix Millennium Technology pour Linux

by Monique

Quand le journaliste lui demande pourquoi Linux n’est pas plus répandu, il répond : « Je pense que pour fonctionner dans un marché de consommation, il faut vraiment être préinstallé. Et, comme Android l'a démontré, Linux peut être un vrai produit de consommation. »

Architecting Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise Book Review

by tadanderson
This book is a smorgasbord of mobile information. I purchased and printed the Rough Cuts version as soon as it came out. This book saved me tons of time getting up to speed with the latest information on the mobile world.

May 2012

quicktigame2d - 2D Game Engine Module for Titanium Mobile

by Xavier Lacot
QuickTiGame2d is a 2-dimensional game engine module for Titanium Mobile that provides quick and easy api to create casual 2d games on Titanium. It supports both iOS and Android.

April 2012

A Faster Emulator with Better Hardware Support | Android Developers Blog

by Xavier Lacot
Android unveiled yesterday a new GPU-enabled version of the Android emulator, which will help make Android dev faster, smoother and more productive.

March 2012

Android 25Gb Dropbox

by m.meixide
[Tutorial] Consigue 25Gb en tu Dropbox de forma gratuita

Ting: New mobile cell phone service with sensible pricing

by wabaus
Includes tethering, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.

February 2012

mattapperson's gist: 1621570 — Gist

by Xavier Lacot
An android layout for having the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The ciontent of this file has to be put in platform/android/res/layout/titanium_tabgroup.xml

January 2012

Share | Zwoor

by oseres
All event materials at your fingertips for your Conference, Tradeshow or Event participants. Your Event Materials Go Mobile Your attendees carry an iPhone, an iPad or an Android smartphone, and they now expect the agenda, the meeting materials, maps, tradeshow exhibitors and conference alerts right at their fingertips. Our native apps do not require connectivity all the time, and we know that some of the conference or trade show venues are not built with connectivity in mind. With our app, we store the data on the mobile device, and synch only when connected. We would love to mobilize your conference,  trade show or other type of event. If interested, please contact us:

Android Design - Welcome

by Emaux & 4 others
Site de ressources pour le développement d'applications sous Android

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