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21 February 2007 08:00

Philly's cheesesteak wars |

by TakeshiGenji
In Philadelphia, fans carry the banner for their favorite cheesesteak - debating vigorously the perfect cheese consistency, recruiting converts to a softer roll, chauffeuring friends over two highways and a toll bridge, even, to proffer true cheesesteak p

21 February 2007 07:15

Christians Appeal for Joint Effort to Tackle Gun Crime

by YukihiroKawashi
Church leaders express their sorrow following the shootings in south London over the past two weeks appeal to all members of the community black white young and old to work together to stop killings

The Next Graham: Like Grandfather, Like Grandson

by YukihiroKawashi
Graham family observers have speculated that Will Graham, 31, is the most logical successor to carry on the tradition of crusades begun by his grandfather, who is now 88 and in declining ...

21 February 2007 06:30

Church Publisher Now Critical of 9-11 Conspiracy Book It Printed

by JomeiKujo & 1 other
The board that runs the Presbyterian Church's publishing wing is criticizing a book it printed that alleges the Bush Administration was behind the attacks of ...

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