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Real-time website data for front-line action takers

by holyver & 2 others
We’re not for the back-office analyst. Our real-time data tools are built for your website's front-line, get-your-hands-dirty, action-focused people. Chartbeat is for doers.

An Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World

by Teulliac (via)
Our Social Media Monitoring platform mines through millions of conversations every day for our customers. Out of these millions of conversations, quite a few happen to come from Twitter. We realized that we could do a large-scale in-depth study of Twitter users to better understand what is the average profile of a person using Twitter and hence this mammoth study on 36 million Twitter user profiles. Our core competency lies in analytics and by using our own software, we were able to crunch numbers and generate insights which we believe hasn’t been conducted to such large scale till date.

5 Essential Spreadsheets for Social Media Analytics

by Teulliac & 1 other
That’s why many social media marketers and power users are in constant search of free, efficient alternatives. Here, we’ll share a few ready-made spreadsheets you can copy (navigate File + Make a copy) and use for social media analytics. They are free, highly customizable and extremely easy to use. Most of the scripts that run the spreadsheets are “public,” meaning you can access them from the Tools + Script Gallery menu (this also means they were reviewed and approved by Google Spreadsheets team)

Why The Current Facebook Engagement Rate Calculation Is Inaccurate | Wise - Facebook Analytics

by Teulliac
As the social media analytics field is pretty knew, it’s really important to understand how the metrics are computed. Let’s take for example, one of Facebook’s core metric : the “Engagement Rate”.  What is supposed to be measured with the Engagement Rate ? “The Engagement Rate measures how well your Fans interact with your content”. That’s a common definition. What’s that supposed to mean ? If you have a 0.02% Engagement Rate, it means 0.02% of your fans have engaged with your content, isn’t it ?

How to Use the New Google Analytics Social Reporting Tool

by Teulliac
The new social media reporting tools from Google Analytics provides marketers free social media monitoring and measurement capabilities. The new reporting features provide the most value when coupled with Google+. This way, community managers gain insight around off-page activity as Google Analytics and Google+ are happily integrated.



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