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by gregg
Over the years, and thanks to a broad community of artists, phonographers and individuals working with sound and field recording, radio aporee has collected and developed both an extensive body of sound as well as colective tools for artistic practices and research in the field. In addition to aspects of collecting, archiving and sound-mapping, the radio aporee platform also invokes experiments at the boundaries of different media, and public space. Within this notion, radio is both a technology in transition and a narrative. It constitutes a field whose qualities are connectivity, contiguity and exchange. Concepts of transmitter/ receiver and performer/ listener may become transparent and reversible.



Mettez un fond sonore sur vos photos

by Giraultises (via)
Fotobabble est un service qui vous permet de partager vos phots (jusque là rien de vraiment innovant) mais surtout de mettre un fond sonore sur chacune d'entre elle. Un peu pour transformer une simple image en ambiance ;-)



Moody Online Music Player - Experimental

by nhoizey
Each color represent a mood: Roughly you got intense tracks at the top, calm tracks at the bottom, happy tracks to the right and melancholic tracks to the left.


Edward Hopper Online

by fotopol (via)
Edward Hopper was the quintessential realist painter of twentieth-century America. His images have become part of the very grain and texture of American experience, and even today, thirty years after his death, it is all but impossible to see America without some refraction through them.

Even, le groupe (Even the band)

by lagoon
Site du groupe ambiance rock Even. Son original, style propre et ambiance unique pour ce petit groupe qui monte! -- ambient rock band Even's web site. Original sound, own style and unik ambient for this little band that grows up!

Musicovery : interactive webRadio

by mamely & 1 other
radio en ligne, qui offre un large choix d'ambiance et de genre. La présentation vaut le detour


[US] - for real jazz heads

by sdaclin
La programmation est très agréable. Streaming en windows Media

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