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October 2010

Stats Tracking for Your Amazon aStore

by cryogenius (via)
If you are an Amazon Associate, you might have created one or more aStores to promote products to your visitors. What you probably don't know is how many visitors are coming to your aStore, and the stats that Amazon provide is pretty minimal. Using some free traffic counter services, you can discover much more about how well your aStore is performing. Learn how to setup an account with StatCounter or Google Analytics, with simple step-by-step instructions...

September 2010

Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)

by nhoizey
"Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and send notifications from the cloud"

August 2010

Amazon Cheque

by hanneng
After waiting for more than a week, finally received a cheque from Amazon.

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February 2010

MapBox | creating custom maps in the cloud

by Spone & 6 others
MapBox is a suite of open source tools to create beautiful custom maps in Amazon's cloud.

December 2009

Amazon CloudFront

by srcmax

Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. It integrates with other Amazon Web Services to give developers and businesses an easy way to distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no commitments. - Get the Wish List Browser Button

by nhoizey
Amazon propose maintenant de remplir sa wishlist depuis n'importe quel site, danger en vue pour le portefeuille !!!

November 2009

Amazon RDS, MySQL, Hmm?

by marco
BTW if you follow their "use mysqldump" model for pushing data into the service, remember that --single-transaction will allow you to do a hot backup. There is no need to lock up your current database. I am still appalled at how few people know that. Years ago we should have renamed "mysqldump" to "mysqlbackup" and defaulted the settings for Innodb.

Expanding the Cloud: The Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)

by marco
En tout cas, leur discours marketing fait rêver :)

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)

by marco
MySQL as a web service from Amazon

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