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Client Side Load Balancing for Web 2.0 Applications

by nhoizey & 2 others
Advantages of using client-side load balancing over server-side load balancing? A special load-balancing device is unnecessary—there is no need to configure load-balancing hardware, or make sure the backup functions the same as the primary load balancer


S3Ajax |

by simon_bricolo
S3Ajax is an AJAX wrapper around Amazon's S3 service.

Amazon Zuggest

by rikaizm & 4 others
ajax amazon 検索

Consuming Amazon's Web API Directly with Javascript (via JSON and XSLT)

by François Hodierne (via)'s Web API is a cool piece of architecture, but one of its big limitations is the difficulty involved in getting Amazon's data straight to the browser.

Well, here's how to fix that problem (for's API at least), using Amazon's free XSLT transformation service, the JSON output format, and a bit of plain old javascript. The examples below show you how to use javascript (and a bit of XSL) to place live data - direct from Amazon's servers - on any web page.

gift or not -- personalized gift ideas from

by slogoo
Giftornot, 提供礼物建议服务, 根据Amazon里的用户评价和送礼对象的特点, 帮助你从Amazon为你的朋友选购礼物的服务网站.

Zuggest by Francis Shanahan

by ycc2106 & 4 others
lets you search Amazon (the US products only for now) as you type


レビログ::プログラム: プロキシを使わずAmazonデータをAjaxする

by asiamoth & 1 other

overstimulate | Greasemonkey - Book Burro - find cheap books

by nhoizey & 5 others
Un comparateur de prix intégré aux sites de vente en ligne !

Adactio: Journal - Introducing Adactio Elsewhere

by nhoizey
Toutes les hypes mises en oeuvre en un seul endroit : Ajax, REST et les API de Flickr, Amazon, et Upcoming

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