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October 2006

SynapseLife Beta

by jackiege & 3 others


by jackiege & 3 others

September 2006

Spotback - Personal News

by jackiege & 21 others

la la - Listen, Discover, Enjoy

by jackiege & 7 others
***一个音乐爱好者的社区,号称有 180 万正版唱片都仅标价一美元

SafePasswd - Generate Secure Passwords

by jackiege & 9 others
密码生成器Generate "safe and secure passwords on the fly for your web applications quickly and easily." Includes support for hex, so you can create WEP keys in addition to passwords.

Interaction - Free Web 2.0 instant messaging and live chat support

by jackiege & 3 others
网站拥有者和访问者的交流聊天工具A free AJAX-based chat application for the visitors of a web site to discuss in real time with the owner of the site. Interaction is available is 3 different versions


by jackiege & 9 others
via eHub与Meebo相类似的基于web的IM客户端,它支持AIM/Yahoo messager/MSN和Gtalk,Ajax技术构建.在页面中央会显示一个地图窗口,通过这个窗口可看到联系人的具体位置,并显示在Google Map上

Taggly - Online Social Bookmarks Manager

by jackiege & 7 others

Hinale / 网聚你我,随心沟通

by jackiege & 2 others


by jackiege & 37 others

by jackiege & 6 others
# - nice clean domain# create and edit pages quickly# invite people to edit pages# 100 MB storage# RSS feeds# RSS exports

BuyersVine Beta Wine Search

by jackiege

Squirl: A Site for Collectors

by jackiege & 4 others

Dapper: The Data Mapper

by jackiege & 7 others
******A service that allows anyone to create an API for any website without needing to program.

August 2006

Lingr - Say it!

by jackiege & 11 others


by jackiege & 2 others
学生专用包括课程表/课堂笔记/交际网络/to do list The perfect notetaking tool for students. Store all your notes and papers, search for them again instantly, store teacher's contact information, keep track of all your class grades, and ton

Adoppt: Make Friends, Have Fun

by jackiege & 3 others
Adoppt is a community of online friends, diaries and journals. You can start your online journal (aka blog or weblog) for free, share thoughts and favorite web sites with your friends and meet cool new friends!

July 2006

by jackiege & 1 other
收藏网站/RSS阅读,可OPML导出"Start.com是微软的一个试验性的项目,目前包括RSS在线阅读和在 线书签两个功能"

June 2006

Incito - Interactive Everything

by jackiege
SwfJax uses a lightweight SWF (Adobe's Small Web Format or simply - Flash) engine to get XML data from the server and xPath (XML Path Language) to address a part of data it has retrieved. Data can be returned back to Javascript as an Array. You can also send multiple xPath queries at once.

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