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September 2005

August 2005

Ajax Mistakes

by Hydragon & 16 others
Ajax is also a dangerous technology for web developers, its power introduces a huge amount of UI problems as well as server side state problems and server load problems. I’ve compiled a list of the many mistakes developers using Ajax often make.

July 2005

June 2005

Eric's Archived Thoughts: Increasing the Strength of Ajax

by mbertier & 1 other (via)
There’s been some comment recently about how Ajax programming requires a different approach to UI and user notification.

Platypus, Mozilla Firefox Plugin

by sunny & 22 others, 1 comment
Plugin qui permet grâce à GreaseMonkey de supprimer, déplacer, changer le style, insérer son code sur n'importe quelle page. Du web actif !

May 2005

Gmane Loom

by remouk (via)
Exemples AJAX

March 2005

Unobtrusive web applications - WarpedWiki

by mbertier
Some notes on web development with JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, standards compliance, and other fragments. Also known as AJaX, when combined with XMLHttpRequest communications.

February 2005