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by ycc2106 & 1 other is a public RSS aggregator providing the latest news, views and content on a topic-based collection of feeds, called Dailies. It is simultaneously available on the web through an Ajax client and on the mobile phone in WML.

Web show case 2006 :::

by ycc2106 & 1 other
Public bookmarks where everybody can submit, uses Ajax, looks a bit digg-style but does not have rating.


How to make XmlHttpRequest calls to another server in your domain

by ecmanaut
While this approach does seem to at least partially work in current mozillas (I just tested on Mozilla 1.5, windows), it's far from stable.<br><br>Your bridge solution, on named setup, recursively creates new frames for every new call (which has the poten

Category Integration Between Sites - Freshblog

by ecmanaut
Regarding AJAX, I've been pondering a hack that pulls in posts from your own blog into something like a post archive, but it has the drawback on being rather reliant on your post template to work well. (Since you have to load, parse and splice the content

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