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22 June 2005

17 June 2005

16 June 2005

15 June 2005


by camel & 4 others
CPAINT (Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit) is a true AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript+XML) and JSRS (JavaScript Remote Scripting) implementation that supports both PHP and ASP/VBscript. CPAINT provides you the code required to implement AJAX and JSRS on the back-end, while the returned data is manipulated, formatted, and displayed on the front-end in JavaScript. This allows you to build web applications that can provide nearly real-time feedback to the user, including nearly real-time data updates. (Nearly real-time = within 1-2 seconds, depending on network latency, server load, and client computing power.)

11 June 2005

Fabrice Gangler : contact et informations professionnelles (CV)

by dzc
Conseil, accompagnement technique et formation à la gestion de l'information, au travail collaboratif, à la sécurité informatique et à la conception d'application Web (XML/XSLT, PHP/MySQL, XHTML/CSS, Javascript, Ajax, référencement, accessibilité, ergonomie).

09 June 2005

08 June 2005

07 June 2005

31 May 2005

29 May 2005

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14 May 2005

Sajax php - slimmer class version

by timmy
i just dont see why js code needs to be server generated?

SAJAX - Simple Ajax Toolkit by ModernMethod - XMLHTTPRequest Toolkit for PHP

by timmy & 51 others (via)
seems dirty aproach and inneficient in terms of transfer of js