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September 2007

Protoscript - Home

by greut

Protoscript is a simplified scripting language for creating Ajax style prototypes for the Web.

for jQuery or YUI, great work.

August 2007

Ext FileTree Widget Example by Saki

by camel & 2 others
FileTreePanel is client-server application where client (browser) provides the user interface (UI) which displays the tree and context menu, handles drag & drop operations, etc. The filesystem that is displayed and managed by the UI is stored on a server. Therefore, we need some communication layer between client and server. Client sends a command to server, server processes this command and responds with a result. Client in turn processes the response and display results. All this communication is running in the background by Ajax (XMLHttpRequest) calls. The XMLHttpRequest is not used directly but the Ext JS - JavaScript Library ajax layer is used for this purpose. Client requests data from server with standard POST method and server is expected to respond with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) string and appropriate HTTP headers.

July 2007

LightWindow Demo

by nhoizey & 14 others
Cette librairie JavaScript permet de créer très facilement des pseudo fenêtre en sur impression de la page Web, pour montrer tout type de contenu. Dommage que ce soit basé sur Prototype et Scriptaculous, et non jQuery...

June 2007

Javascript. La grande guida

by runen
Scheda del libro guida su Javascript di Dave Thau

May 2007

Five AJAX Frameworks Reviewed

by greut
AJAX frameworks are NOT pointless

April 2007

Google AJAX Feed API

by greut & 2 others
Downloads Feeds with JavaScript

March 2007

February 2007

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