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April 2008

ZSFA -- Vellum

by greut

Vellum is a simple build tool like make but written in Python using a simple yet flexible YAML based format. Rather than attempt a full AI engine just to get some software built, I went with the simpler algorithm of a “graph”.

March 2008

Don Quixote Time Series Software

by ogrisel (via)
Don Quixote is a new business software that uses artificial intelligence and powerful statistical methodology to achieve high forecasting accuracy. No matter if you forecast market shares, sales, profits, demand for services or material, Don Quixote will make your work faster, easier and more accurate and will improve your understanding of the nature of time series.

December 2007

JEliza - Die Opensource KI

by rike_ (via)
Das Computerprogramm JEliza ist die leistungsstärkste Deutsch sprechende künstliche Intelligenz, die den Prinzipien freier Software folgt. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Gesprächssimulator, also eine künstliche Intelligenz, mit der Unterhaltungen ermöglicht werden. JEliza benutzt ein semantisches Netz, um alle Gesprächsverläufe zu speichern und lernt so dazu.

March 2007

Pycomall : Share or sell files online.

by pycomall (via)
Pycomall : Share or sell files online. The place to sell your digital goods! Selling 3D Models, Flash Sources, mp3, ebooks, web templates, logos, icons, music, software, downloads with paypal. digital delivery

January 2007

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November 2005

The Prolog Interpreter

by YukuanBlog
這學期加入 AI 助教群,我打算讓學弟妹從實作中瞭解 Unification Algorithm ,但又不想為他們帶來太大的負擔,於是我從眾多 Prolog language 的 open source 版本中找出了 Peter Bouthoorn 所開發的版本

又遇 N Puzzle

by YukuanBlog
針對 N Puzzle,之前以 CLIPS, C Language Integrated Production System 求解過,那是專家系統的課,所以我也很配合地,以 heuristic 的方式,寫起一條條的 production rules 。

The Puzzle Game

by YukuanBlog
大學時(1996)選修的「專家系統」課,任課老師要我們以 CLIPS 實作智慧拼盤程式。

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