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Machine to Transcendent Mind

by YukuanBlog
這本書最合我胃口的是第二章〈小心!前有機器車〉,探討作者對機器自走車的實務經驗。裡面提到作者Hans Moravec在 Mobile Robot Laboratory 接受 Denning Mobile Robotics 委託,研究如何以二十四個聲納組成的障礙偵測裝置,量測、取得的距離資料,完成自主機器車導航的任務。

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

by ogrisel
The leading textbook in Artificial Intelligence. Used in over 1000 universities in 91 countries (over 90% market share). The 85th most cited publication on Citeseer.



by YukuanMark

Impossible Minds

by YukuanMark
Impossible Minds: My Neurons, My Consciousness has been written to satisfy the curiosity each and every one of us has about our own consciousness. It takes the view that the neurons in our heads are the source of consciousness and attempts to explain how

Modeling Neural Development

by YukuanMark
This original and timely collection is one of the first books to study neural development using computational and mathematical modeling. Modeling provides precise and exact ways of expression, which allow us to go beyond the insights that intuitive or com

World in My Mind, My Mind in the World

by YukuanMark
Not consciousness, but knowledge of consciousness: that is what this book communicates in a fascinating way. Consciousness is the thread that links the disappearing gorilla with the octopus suffering from a stomach ache, and the person under anaesthetic w

On Intelligence

by YukuanBlog
《創智慧》,原書《On Intelligence》,作者 Hawkins 提出一套大腦新皮質(neocortex)運作的理論:

創智慧(On Intelligence)

by YukuanMark


by YukuanMark

Artificial Minds

by YukuanMark
Recent decades have produced a blossoming of research in artificial systems that exhibit important properties of mind. But what exactly is this dramatic new work and how does it change the way we think about the mind, or even about who or what has mind?

The Silicon Eye

by YukuanBlog
在〈The fitness of things〉文末提到的《矽眼》,我這個月初在網路上得知此書,於 8 號溜到政大書城購買,當天就熬夜將它閱讀完畢、畫上重點、附上書籤。原本想個評介的,想想還是把我批註的部份整理整理,將內文摘錄摘錄就好:

Blobs in Games

by bcpbcp
Black and White 2 AI I played Black and White 2 for many hours yesterday. The computer player and I were in a stalemate. The computer kept sending armies against me and I kept defeating them. I had built my town with walls around it, and then put archers on top of the walls. I was building up my strength while defending myself, in preparation for a big attack. I felt pretty safe. After around 40 attacks, I realized that they weren't all the same. The computer wasn't using the same attackers each time. It tried the creature, archers, swordsmen, and catapults. It tried combinations of them. Sometimes it would come through my main entrance, and sometimes it would come around the back entrance to the city. The computer player also destroyed major sections of the city using the “earthquake” power, but I recovered from these too. After a while the enemy creature figured out that he should kick my wall in. His archers and swordsmen stayed back, out of range, while the creature came up and destroyed my wall, including the archers on it. After it breached the wall, the army swarmed into my town and killed half my people. I rebuilt my wall and started to recover, but the computer's newly discovered strategy worked well. It tried several variants but kept going back to the same approach: kick down the wall, then swarm the town. This forced me to try some new strategies. Although being on the wall has advantages, it leaves the archers vulnerable when the enemy creature attacks the wall. So I moved them behind the wall. I've also learned to open my gate, wait for the enemy army to get close, then close the gate and set their army on fire. I have no good strategy for the creature knocking down my wall though, and I'm constantly losing townspeople and then rebuilding. After a long stalemate, the computer AI learned how to attack more effectively, and now I'm having trouble keeping my city safe. I'm very impressed by the AI. I'm not sure how it's programmed, but it tried out many different things and learned which ones work the best. From the game AI techniques I've learned (genetic algorithms, neural networks, fuzzy logic, state machines, etc.), the AI in Black and White 2 seems to match most closely with what I know about reinforcement learning. It's a technique that uses online learning (observing results as the game is played) instead of training (from examples constructed ahead of time), allows both exploration (trying new things in order to learn) and exploitation (taking advantage of what you've learned), and associates rewards (like whether the attack was successful) with actions (like kicking down the wall and keeping the army away from my archers). I recommend Sutton and Barto's book if you want to learn more. It's entirely possible though that the game uses something much simpler that just happens to look impressive, but my guess is that it's using reinforcement learning. — Amit — Monday, December 12, 2005 Comments: Post a Comment Links to this post:


Edelman's Neural Darwinism

by YukuanBlog
the links of books, review, and project for Edelman's Neural Darwinism

Re: Weightless Neural Network

by YukuanBlog


by YukuanBlog

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