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October 2011

August 2011

Big Macs vs. The Naked Chef - Joel on Software

by night.kame

The trouble is that the "training" doesn't really produce consistent results, so Youthful Programmer starts creating rules and procedures that are meant to make more consistent results. Over the years, the rule book grows and grows. Soon it's a six-volume manual called The Methodology.

After a few dozen years, Youthful Programmer is now a Huge Incompetent IT Consultant with a capital-M-methodology and a lot of people who blindly obey the Methodology, even when it doesn't seem to be working, because they have no bloody idea whatsoever what else to do, and they're not really talented programmers -- they're just well-meaning Poli Sci majors who attended the six-week course.

Joel Spolsky écrivait cela il y a plus de dix ans. Aujourd'hui, les méthodologies ne sont plus sur la programmation. De la même manière qu'UML2 est passé au niveau meta-meta, les Méthodologies sont désormais à propos des méthodologies. Le pire étant que les déçu de l'Agile qui s'est Méthodologisée sont aussi en train de reconstruire une nouvelle méthodologie, para-Agile.

July 2011

June 2011

Thoughts: On Agile Project Estimating and Pricing | Chris Blunt

by oseres
The usual approach to pricing service work is the hourly rate – a simple model that is easily understood, and translates well across different disciplines and businesses. Service work often has so many variables that an hourly rate seems to offer a good compromise between a fixed-price quote, and ensuring the supplier has flexibility to charge for unknown future work.

May 2011

Testing the Limits With Scott Barber – Part I | Software Testing Blog

by night.kame

I believe that the trend to “go Agile” is misguided. If a company is developing good software, the people involved in developing that software are happy working there, the software development is sustainable, and the business is being adequately served by that software, there’s really no need for them to try to be more or less Agile. Agile has challenges like any other culture, but the single biggest challenge I find is companies trying to solve development, process, management, and/or schedule problems by “going Agile.” Teams who have grown up in a culture that is fundamentally different than Agile simply will not find it easy to “go Agile.”

Scott Barber

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January 2011

Configurer automatiquement Eclipse avec Maven | Blog Xebia France

by night.kame

Une fois le paramétrage effectué, il suffit d’aller récupérer le résultat dans le répertoire .settings du projet.

Et oui, deux solutions : versionner certains fichiers de .settings, ou introduire 25Mo de dépendances maveniennes pour arriver presque au même résultat de manière moins fiable. Ca c'est agile : KICA (Kepp It Complicated Absurd).

Barre Verte ! | Notes de développeurs sur le logiciel, le design, l'agilité, l'open source, les mobiles, linux…

by jpcaruana (via)
Notes de développeurs sur le logiciel, le design, l'agilité, l'open source, les mobiles, linux…

December 2010

Agile SAP : Mission Impossible

by NiMe
Présentation Agilité chez SAP

November 2010

October 2010

Dialogue avec un client – Miximum

by ghis & 1 other
Les avantages du développement agile présenté sous forme de dialogue fictif.

September 2010