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Comment fonctionne Crisp

by NiMe
Crisp est une entreprise suédoise de consultants en développement logiciel et en agilité dont le blog regorge d'articles intéressants sur ces domaines. Ce lien explique le mode de fonctionnement de Crisp, son organisation, etc ...

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Collections de NDC Conferences

by NiMe
Vidéos des conférences NDC

June 2015

Why “Agile” and especially Scrum are terrible | Michael O. Church

by François Hodierne

Instead of working on actual, long-term projects that a person could get excited about, they’re relegated to working on atomized, feature-level “user stories” and often disallowed to work on improvements that can’t be related to short-term, immediate business needs (often delivered from on-high).

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Agile Madness

by NiMe
Le tournoi

March 2015

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