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Materialized Views in PostgreSQL

by ogrisel (via)
Materialized views are certainly possible in PostgreSQL. Because of PostgreSQL's powerful PL/pgSQL language, and the functional trigger system, materialized views are somewhat easy to implement. I will examine several methods of implementing materialized views in PostgreSQL.


Hur kan vi underlätta det ständigt ökande informationsflödet på webben?

by svartling
Internet utvecklas hela tiden och nya Web 2.0 tjänster dyker upp nästan varje dag. Så hur gör vi för att klara oss i detta enorma informations flöde som bara växer hela tiden? Hur kan vi med egna bloggar och hemsidor hjälpa till?

Minimizing Information Overload for my subscribers

by svartling
I have made a site that filters my own postings from all my sites into categorized Newspages, and every Newspage has it’s own RSS Feed. So for example - If a visitor is interested in “Gadgets”, he or she could subscribe to the Newspage named “Gadgets”. In that way the visitor gets all my postings about “Gadgets” from all my sites in one RSS Feed.

TagCloud - Home

by pixelator
Create tag clouds from lists of RSS feeds.

Welcome to PubSub

by pixelator & 19 others
PubSub lets you filter over one million weblogs and information streams to find the content you're looking for, in real time. It's like searching the future.

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