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June 2007

Bono & His 'Cheeky' Representation of 'A Lot of Africans Without a Voice'

by avivamagnolia (via)
Bono's hubristic declaration that he "he represents a lot of people [in Africa] who have no voice at all …. They haven’t asked me to represent them. It’s cheeky but I hope they’re glad I do' smacks of celebrity colonialism–a rather glamorized bastardization of old school colonialism [at the very least]. He's impinging on Africans' agency by inserting himself into dialogue with African leaders who have no accountability to the very Africans Bono is trying to 'represent.'

June 2006

March 2006

White African :: a white african’s view of the world » Blog Archive » A Web Technology Idea for Africa

by owukori (via)
that could change the way Africans communicate, trade and interact with each other and the world.

December 2005

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