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February 2007

5 ways to waste money with PPC advertising

by cyberien
Pay-per-click advertising is the biggest lead generation breakthrough in a long time. Thanks to its ability to narrowly target prospects, tightly manage spending and precisely measure results, PPC is one of the most efficient lead generation tools ever developed, especially for small and midsize companies. But it has a downside. Because PPC campaigns are so quick to set up and so easy to start, a business owner easily can waste thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks before learning hard (and expensive) lessons about what works and what doesn’t. Here are the most common mistakes made with PPC:


by judyjbean
looking for advice on web changes and improvements

January 2007

Gemsbok African Wall Trophy

by mayble86
Gemsbok African Wall Trophy - Item #: 2451196 Non profit site meant to provide common sense advice for first Gemsbok African Wall Trophy (Trophies & Displays). South Africa : Kgalagadi Gemsbok Park a Conservation, Gemsbok African Wall Trophy (Home Acc

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