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Putain ouais pubs JV

by sbrothier
Quand les pubs faisaient autant envie que les previews





The Suffering Bastard -- The Cocktail Spirit with Robert Hess -- Small Screen Network

by sbrothier
The original name for this drink was apparently the Suffering Bar Steward, but as one might expect in a noisy bar after a few drinks, the name gets a little mangled. There are several recipes for this floating about. For mine I turned to one of my favorite sources, Beachbum Berrry's Grog Log, by Jeff Berry.


PointRoll - Online Advertising Rich Media Provider

by cyberien (via)
create. connect. convert. Go Beyond Existing Advertising Limitations with PointRoll Rich Media Solutions With PointRoll technology, consumers can interact with an ad just as rich and full-featured as a complete web site, without leaving the site and content they were already browsing. The result: improved ad effectiveness including increased branding and conversion opportunity, without the negative experience associated with other intrusive technologies, such as pop-ups or interstitials. Our innovation and superior service have made us the undisputed industry leader, serving more than 70 percent of all rich media ads in 2006. Why rich media? Interactive. Engaging. Measurable. Why Not Rich Media? PointRoll rich media solutions accounted for a 116 percent click-through rate lift over standard banner ads and an industry-leading average of 10.8 seconds of time spent with brand in 2006. By affording users a rich media brand experience on their terms anywhere online, PointRoll's industry-leading metrics tell the story of ROI maximized. By enabling unlimited creative possibilities and robust measurement capabilities, the question shouldn't be why rich media, but why not?

Humdrum Idol YouTube Competition - sponsors of American Idol on ITV

by digeratiuk (via)
Submit a YouTube video of yourself doing something talented and win $1 million and 2 weeks in LA. Or you could win free pizzas for a year just for voting for your favourite.

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