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Advertising for Better SEO Rankings, Does It Work in Australia

by matryxweb (via)
If you are a web developer and would like to advertise your websites, there are plenty of straightforward and inexpensive ways to promote your site. Many SEO’s make their living by promoting their websites, products and services. If you do not efficiently advertise, then you cannot reach the core audience of people that can make your site hugely profitable.


How to Advertise on a Porn Website | Eat24 Blog

by sbrothier (via)
Hi, we’re Eat24. If you already know us – hey sexy, welcome back, looking good. If you’re new, let’s catch you up: Eat24 is the Internet’s favorite food delivery app and website. The first rule of Eat24 Club used to be “don’t talk about Eat24 Club,” but that  turned out to be a terrible marketing strategy

Beware: Your chocolate chip cookie is spying on you | MNN - Mother Nature Network

by sbrothier
The White House may be asking food marketers to be responsible when it comes to marketing to kids, but the snack food industry still needs to keep increasing its profits. Mondelez International, the company that owns brands like Chips Ahoy and Ritz, is going about it in an intrusive and rather creepy way. This is something you need to be aware of.


I will post your article or link to my .edu blog for $5.00

by balzizras
*I'm doing this via so you don't need to worry about getting scammed.* 1. Articles are a great way to promote your website, product etc. 2. .edu sites are considered by search engines to be authority sites. Which equals good S.E.O. 3. I'm picky, .edu blogs are very valuable properties so I won't clutter it up with poorly written spammy articles. So if you don't already have an original article you can of course get one written by someone at Not me though I'm a bad writer. =-) My GIG:

Search Plus Display Still Hottest Online Ad Combo in Q1 2009 - Search Marketing News Blog - Search Engine Watch (SEW)

by kuroyagi
"search is still a potent way to reach customers online, but driving consumers to search via display advertising is even more powerful"

「仕事と作業の区別がつかない営業」「評論家のようなことばかり言っているスタッフ」 - 業界人間ベム

by kuroyagi

クライアントは何を頼めばいいのか。誰に頼めばいいのか。 - 業界人間ベム

by kuroyagi


50 Extraordinary and Attractive Billboards | 10Steps.SG

by sbrothier
I always like the creativity found in advertisements. Let us check out the large billboards this round. Most of them will capture your attention, whether driving on the road or walking along the train station. Some will even change themselves according to weather and time! Which one do you think is the best?

SEOmoz | A Checklist to Choose Which Internet Marketing Channel is Right for Your Business

by simon_bricolo
My good friend, Aaron Kahlow, posed an interesting question during the Online Marketing Summit yesterday afternoon in Portland, OR. Aaron asked: If a client came to you with $1 million to invest in a single Internet marketing c...

The Unbearable Lightness of Marketing : 広告会社の帰結 - livedoor Blog(ブログ)

by kuroyagi

テレビの世界にもROIの波は押し寄せている - ハックルベリーに会いに行く

by kuroyagi
"「言っては悪いですけど、そういう番組を見ている視聴者の金離れが悪いからなんですよ」ということだった。おバカタレントがたくさん出てくる低俗番組を見ている人は、あまりお金を使わないのだそうである(お金を使わないからそういうテレビを見ているという状況もあるらしい)。" だはは

イケダノリユキのCommunitainment Blog

by kuroyagi

広告=作品論の是非 | smashmedia

by kuroyagi

今年は2009年です。 - 広告って、なに?

by kuroyagi


nonist category page :: Vin Mariani

by sbrothier
"never has anything been so highly or justly praised.” A good 20 years before the original cocaine-infused Coca-Cola taught the world to grind its teeth and give ineffectual bathroom-stall handjobs in per•fect har•mo•ny, there was another drink of choice among those wishing to feel invigorated and overconfident for no good reason. It was called “coca wine” and it was loved not only by self-important blowhards wearing too much jewelry but by Kings and Popes and… oh, right. Anyhow, it was called Vin Tonique Mariani (or simply Vin Mariani) was sold as a curative, and in the latter half of the 19th century it was a medicinal, recreational, and marketing powerhouse. To paraphrase J.J. Cale “Czars don’t lie, Popes don’t lie, Queens don’t lie...”

Aから始まらない消費活動。 - 広告って、なに?

by kuroyagi

Marketing Tip of the Day... Daily!

by zacheos
Get a free tip every day on marketing strategies and principles. Develop your understanding of marketing and expose yourself to new ideas, theories, and research. Development of your marketing skills are just a daily tip away.

Forms of Web Marketing for 2008 |

by simon_bricolo
This document catalogs the many tools and tactics available for corporate web strategy in 2008.

Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging - ProBlogger

by springnet & 19 others
Here’s a quick AdSense tip that could make you some good money. AdSense offers two rectangle ad unit sizes - 300×250 pixels and 336×280 pixels.

Widgets: The Future of Online Ads

by sbrothier
The sheer volume of Web sites has grown so overwhelming that an increasing number of consumers—not just those in their 20s—are adopting multipurpose tools to help them manage and personalize the vast amount of data thrown at them every day. The mainstream adoption of online social networks such as Facebook and MySpace and personalized home pages such as iGoogle and Netvibes reflects attempts by consumers to make the Web more manageable. This new mindset, not surprisingly, also holds for the way in which the audience is willing to engage with ads.


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