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May 2006

SPAG Main Page

by jdrsantos
Society for the promotion of adventure games

Adventure Games Coalition

by jdrsantos
The Adventure Games Coalition is an informal, worldwide group of non-commercial web sites devoted to the promotion of Adventure Games and to helping the adventure gamer, both the experienced gamer and those new to Adventure Games. We offer Reviews, Previews, and Articles; Help, Explanations, and Hints; Walkthroughs, Solutions, and Patches; and much, much more.

February 2006

January 2006

jay is games: php Zork!

by bcpbcp
Zork is a text adventure, which is a form of interactive fiction, like a cross between a novel and an RPG with some escape-the-room type puzzles thrown in.

November 2005 - Keeping a Genre Alive

by bcpbcp (via)
In a Bid to Rekindle the Text-Only PC GamesOf the 1980s, Fans Write New Adventures

October 2005

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