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October 2005

Amagle: AltADs

by fox_b

September 2005

Stats Adsense !

by nicolasd (via)
Voici un script de statistiques Adsense à installer sur votre serveur web muni de PHP/MySQL.

Blog Promotion with 27 free Web Directories

by enq1981
A nice possibility to build up a link network and to gain more visitors are Web-Directories. There are a lot of directories, that charge a submission fee, but there are also many free ones. This page contains a "small" list of them.

Google FadSense - A New AdSense Beta Program?

by Recommended_links & 3 others (via)
Google has done it... By the seat of their pants! FadSense Fashions? It's Not a Fad, It's FadSense. Wearable Computers are the wave of the future. With Google's FadSense™ they seem to have enabled 'Brand Advertisement' and 'Point of Sale' functions on the go.

Resist GMail

by arnet (via)
Google's new "GMail" service is perhaps the ultimate step in the commercialization of personal life

August 2005

Google FadSense - A New AdSense Beta Program?

by arnet & 3 others (via)
Dan Hollings FadSense advertisements. Useful for seeing how Blogging works

Ciblage par sections

by tomtom
Balisage pour définir les sections les plus pertinentes d'une page pour déterminer les annonces Adsense qui s'affichent.

Prevent accidental clicks on your own AdSense ads - IO ERROR

by svartling (via)
Are you a Google AdSense publisher? Do you worry about accidentally clicking on your own ads and being thrown out of the program? I have a solution for you. Today I’ve released a Greasemonkey script for Firefox which prevents you from clicking on your own Google AdSense ads. The script prevents clicks on both ad units and link units. You can still click on others’ AdSense ads, however.

AdSense Calculator

by arnet
Calculer l'argentt que vous pouvez gagnez avec AdSense

Scraper Site Clearout Collateral Damage?

by svartling (via)
It seems like google has purged many scraper sites from the google serps, as per this thread: I'm sure many people, including myself are very, very pleased about this as it stops scumbag sites from stealing our content. However, it also appears that some non-scraper sites have been included in this purge (including my own). My site has been active for 5 years and is based on unique content. Has anyone else been effected by this, and does google intend to refine the algorithm to stop valid, unique content sites from falling victim?

Adsense Logger - a wordpress plugin - >>

by svartling (via)
This plugin installs the Adsense logger, inserts the corresponding javascript into the footer and displays the reports within the admin interface. For statistics of your revenue, you have to enter your adsense username and password in the configuration of adsense logger. This adsense logger plugin uses the wordpress configured prefix for table creation for this logger.

Adsenselogger, Open Source PHP Adsense Tracker - track your Adsense clicks!

by svartling & 1 other (via)
The first ever, public released open source php adsense tracker. A great majority of the internet webmasters that earn a advertising revenue with Google's Adsense program, have been looking for more in-depth and detailed statistical information on their Adsense performance.

July 2005

Google Adsense Notifier - new working version

by svartling
With the latest update of Google Adsense report page - the excellent Google Adsense Notifier stopped working. Now “minus code”, have made a new beta version that works again.

Adsense Notifier

by newsniche
If like me you check your Adsense account every 5 minutes then you need the Firefox extension by Allen Holman. Adsense Notifier checks your adsense account at intervals you specify and displays the information in the bottom right corner of your browser.

June 2005

May 2005

Google AdSense - 広告のフォーマット

by fox_b (via)