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01 January 1970 01:00

Photoshop--Page Curl

by tinyirishdancer
This tutorial will describe how you can create a page curl effect using just the built-in Photoshop options. No extras are needed for this effect. As usual, though, you can learn more than just the actual effect. If you scratch a little below the surface of this tutorial, you'll see that I'm also demonstrating how to create paths from selections and how to manipulate them. As well, you'll see how easy it is to create your own gradient patterns. Enjoy.

Turn the Page -- Page Curl Effect -- a Photoshop:Tutorial by Janee

by tinyirishdancer
There are lots of tutorials for doing "page curl" effects. You can even get a plugin to do this for you. So why would you want to learn "my way" of doing this? Well... because this method can give you much more realistic results than the plugins and lots of other methods. And also, in this tutorial, we'll be working with some of Photoshop's drawing tools, which will leave you a little more able to figure out this kinda thing on your own!

Valentine's Day Bear

by tinyirishdancer
Hello and welcome to the Valentine's Day Bear tutorial. As you may imagine, it took me a little more than a good 2 hours to completely make this bear look like it does in the image above. Therefore, in the interest of time, I will not fully explain every single part of every single thing I did to make this Bear. However, before I begin, I will explain how to do a few things that I did throughout the making of the Valentine's Day Bear that will be helpful to you as you read this tutorial (I will make reference to these terms throughout the tutorial).

Creation of Moonlight Theme | Drawing Techniques

by tinyirishdancer
In this tutorial I will show how to create a realistic picture from the beginning using Adobe Photoshop only.

Adobe Photoshop Tips, Tutorials, Free Downloads, and Help

by tinyirishdancer
Resources for Adobe Photoshop users including tips, tutorials, free downloads, actions, plug-ins, training and support.

Adding A .GIF To Your Sig - Forums

by tinyirishdancer
Tutorial: How to add a .GIF image to your sig using ImageReady This tutorial will show you how to put a .gif image onto a pre-made stillframe background.

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