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Sprite CSS Generator — a script plugin for Adobe Illustrator

by sbrothier
control your sprites through a nice palette window simply change, rearrange and expand your sprites save your sprites including their settings within your Adobe Illustrator document and reuse/readjust it whenever you want to create multiple sprites in one single Adobe Illustrator document full control of positioning your graphics “Sprite CSS Generator” generates the entire sprite CSS code for you — just copy the code into your CSS file support of SVG, because it’s made for Adobe Illustrator “Sprite CSS Generator” optionally adds CSS code for fallback images export your graphics only once, instead of uploading, combining and rerendering the images with a loss of quality for many people, Adobe Illustrator is the best choice for designing websites, even if there is no perfect app for that

davidderaedt/Illustrator-Layer-Exporter · GitHub

by sbrothier
Layer Exporter lets you automatically export Illustrator layers to SVG, JPG or PNG files, along with coordinates data and HTML CSS files, with a single click. Think of it as a modest equivalent of Photoshop Asset Generator for Illustrator, with full HTML & CSS export. It's a free & open source extension panel for Adobe Illustrator CC, made with the creative cloud extensiblity helpers.


John Nack on Adobe : Feedback, please: HTML5 layers in Photoshop?

by sbrothier
What if Photoshop implemented native HTML as a layer type? Just like the app currently supports special layer types for text, 3D, and video, it could use the WebKit engine (which CS5 already embeds) to display HTML content. Among other things you’d get pixel-accurate Web rendering (text and shapes); the ability to style objects via CSS parameters (enabling effects like dotted lines); data-driven 2D and 3D graphics; and high fidelity Web output (HTML as HTML).


CSS Advanced Selectors - Flex SDK - Confluence

by neolao
SS Advanced Selectors - Functional and Design Specification




Adobe - CSS Advisor beta

by Country & 3 others (via)
A new service by Adobe that lets you find solutions to CSS and browser compatibility issues.


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