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2010 - Plop !

by kemar
I've posted a new blog entry to [from]


Linksify | The address book that updates itself.

by ycc2106
“Linksify™ is a contact information sharing system that gives users complete control over how their information is shared. Essentially, it is an online resource that will empower you to interact with others such as colleagues, revealing only the amount of information that you wish to reveal. If you want the person to know only your e-mail, that is possible. / PC / Opera

by ycc2106
Annotated link


Official Google Data APIs Blog: 3. 2. 1. Contact. The API has landed

by nhoizey & 1 other
We're happy to announce the availability of our Google Contacts Data API that gives programmatic access to your contact list. The contact list is shared among Google applications like Gmail, Reader, Calendar, and more.

2007 - Export Address Book to records to CSV format

by nhoizey
I wanted to be able to move all of the info for my Address Book contacts into my GMail account: phone numbers, addresses, etc.

fatoumata camara - UNYK

by ycc2106
The first smart address book that updates itself. * One ID for life to share all your contact info (e.g. 123 POP) and never lose touch. * A Web profile so you never miss an opportunity to be found.

UNYK – Address book

by ycc2106 & 3 others
synchronize Hotmail Outlook Gmail contacts

addressbook [Clemens Wacha]

by ycc2106
PHP iAddressBook is an address book for a single user. You can use it for Personal or Business Cards (it supports tons of fields), features a spotlight-like search, has transparent vCard import/export, multilanguage support, design templates and an intuit


Welcome Page

by ycc2106
Welcome to Zeffr! Zeffr has two main functions (so far). 1. Zeffr allows you to easily send your contact information to friends and business contacts. They can then create their own Zeffr account to save your information for easy access. 2. No mo

Manage online and share: Bookmarks, Contacts, Calendar, Files, ... - Sync with Firefox, mobile, ...

by memotoo
Centralize and share your personal datas (bookmakrs, address book, calendar, files, ...) with to find them from any computer connected to Internet ! Some features: - View the contacts World Map with Google Maps ! - Access to your contacts with a LDAP directory - Synchronize your datas with your mobile (SyncML protocol) - ...

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