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AddressBookSync | Facebook Picture Synchronization with OS X Address Book

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
AddressBookSync is a free Mac OS X application to download profile pictures and other Facebook data to Address Book cards. This is a handy tool to keep your contacts' pictures updated if you have numerous Facebook friends in your Mac OS X Address Book.



by Regis (via)
Unleash the power of your mobile - use mSync. Synchronize, manage, transfer and share data to and from your mobile phone over the air - no cables required Control the way you appear on the phones of your friends when you call them Manage your phone's Contacts, Calendar, Messages and Media from the web or from MS Outlook Share your content with your favorite sites directly from your phone

Soocial • Hassle-free contacts

by Regis & 3 others, 1 comment
simple elegant contact management (makes Plaxo lame). Synchronize with Gmail, OS X Address book, your mobile phone and many more (webservice access)


SyncML extension for Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla seamonkey

by Regis & 2 others (via)
TSync will sync all contacts in your Personal addressbook against the server you configured it against.


by Regis & 3 others (via)
ScheduleWorld is an experiment in a new kind of rich Internet application, built on the foundations of open standards that enables you to access your data from virtually anywhere using a growing number of interoperable devices and software. The key features are: * Sync With Virtually Anything. Sync ScheduleWorld with cell phones, Outlook, Thunderbird, Palm, Pocket PC/Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPod, Mozilla, Evolution (with more on the way). Click here for more details. * Simple and Fast Calendaring, Scheduling, Tasks, Notes. Easy and convenient to use. Innovative techniques using the latest technology provide a great user experience. Click here for more info. * Global Addressbook. You can update and view your contacts from many different applications and devices such as cell phones, Outlook, Thunderbird, Netscape Mail, the OS/X mail/address book, KMail, Evolution, and others. Export/import is the slow and old fashioned way to stay in sync. Click here for more info. * An Optional Rich Java Client. Offline support and some unique features like encryption, and multiple overlaid calendars with transparency. Click here for more info. * An Optional Java Micro Edition (J2ME) Client. Offline support, over the air sync, full character encoding support, full timezone support, true iCalendar (RFC 2445) support, resolution independence. Click here for more info.


by Regis & 4 others (via)
Backup your mobile phone contacts and calendat on mobical. Similar to ZYB.


by Regis & 10 others (via)
Save and synchronizemobile phone contacts on Free service but requires GPRS access.




by régis & 4 others
Adress book manager. Open import/export functions. Contact information automatically updated if your friends and colleagues join plaxo, too.


by Regis & 4 others
Adress book manager. Open import/export functions. Contact information automatically updated if your friends and colleagues join plaxo, too.

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