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Small Acts Manifesto

by ghis
"We are discovering better ways of building communities by connecting people. Through this endeavor we have come to value: Trust - which must be respected and never put at risk; Dialog - is the way to establish a truly trustful relationship; Personal Contact - the richest experience, not matched by any media or technology; Transparency - the mean to maintain a sustainable community; Diversity - people have many interests, but if you need a label, label yourself as a human; Self-organization - leaders emerge, but there should be no owners; Example - that's how you must teach, live and learn; Consistency - things take time, intensity is not always the answer; Give, give, give! - you'll be impressed by how fast things will come back; Do it! - as simple as you can, just what is essential to pass it forward."


Farnborough: Crew transport work to start-25/07/2006-Farnborough-Flight International

by fredbird
Work could begin in the first week of September on the European Space Agency/Russian Federal Space Agency (RFSA) crew transport system programme, once financial contributions and legal documents are agreed by ESA member states this month.


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by Ganf & 3 others
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