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19 November 2006

(Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography

by jlesage
blog that reviews and critiques aspects of art and visual culture and photojournalism, often from an ethical standpoint

18 November 2006

13 November 2006 -

by jlesage
a multilingual web journal that challenges received ideas about linguistic and cultural "translation" along principles of a critique of culturalisation; social recomposition, beyond postcolonialism: a global commons; multilinguality vs. national language

11 November 2006

Howie's Home Page

by jlesage
homepage and access to many of Howard Becker's essays online; major figure in sociology of art

Confronting Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Ed'n in 21st Century

by jlesage
Henry Jenkins, with Katie Clinton, Ravi Purushotma, Alice J. Robinson, and Margaret Weigel ; PDF or online in 6 parts; sensible and sparks new directions of thought; respectful of students

06 November 2006

archive : s0metim3s | Undercommons 2.0 | October | 2006

by jlesage
Andrew Ross: “Technology and Below-the-Line Labor in the Copyfight over Intellectual Property” (American Quarterly, 58:3, 2006).

Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society

by jlesage
very large bibliography on Critical Whiteness Studies, broken down into various categories; not interactive and does not lead to full text essays; worth going to the library to follow up on

The geopolitics of knowledge and the colonial difference

by jlesage
by Walter Mignolo; "'modernity' is not a strictly European but a planetary phenomenon to which the "excluded barbarians" have contributed, although their contribution has not been acknowledged."

03 November 2006

The Forms of Capital

by jlesage
Bourdieu on economic, cultural, and social capital; full text essay

02 November 2006

Loïc Wacquant

by jlesage
site of sociologist who was often a co-author with Pierre Bourdieu; many links to full text essays online.

01 November 2006

The Art of Rent by David Harvey, SR 2002 | Socialist Register

by jlesage
"a widespread belief that there is something special about certain cultural products and events (be they in the arts, theatre, music, cinema, architecture or more broadly in localized ways of life, heritage, collective memories and affective communities).

Continental Drift a seminar with Brian Holmes

by jlesage
"articulating the immense geopolitical and economic shifts which took place between 1989-2001, the effects of those changes on bodies of governance and in turn the effects on subjectivity today"; links to political and social readings

Project Premises : Sed : A Trail of Thirst

by jlesage
hypertext and visual arts project on southwest US and politics of the border; extensive essay with incorporated artistic material; new vision of documentary media, visual ethnography

31 October 2006

24 October 2006

Fast Capitalism ejournal

by jlesage
interdisciplinary journal on information and communication in 21st cent. economy and culture; good authors; focus on new media

23 October 2006

17 October 2006

multilingual web journal

by jlesage
check out sections to left on main page, and also writings listed under "correspondence"

translations of essays on activist art

by jlesage
On republicart, click on the words listed to the left under Discourse to see essays on topics such as: alternative economics, public sphere, precariousness, represenations, space of empire, art sabotage.


by jlesage
online magazine exploring "culture after the net"

05 October 2006

Networked Public Culture

by jlesage
theses for a proposed book on this topic, to which readers are invited to contribute, with comments included in "symposia" after each chapter, first announcement. Later entries include chapter contributors, topics, comments.

01 October 2006

Marita Sturken'sHomePage

by jlesage
links to full text of some of her essays, especially one on Katrina, weather media, and Homeland Security

re-public: re.imagining democracy

by jlesage
e-journal: "process of re-imagining democracy, broadly conceived as referring to the multitude of practices that shape everyday life"; in-depth left essays from an international perspective

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