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04 December 2006

26 November 2006

media teacher's home page, lots of resouces, links pages

by jlesage
"news and journalism, film, TV, media policy, media reform activism, philosophy and social theory, urban history, contemporary American politics--\perspective informed by media history, political economy and social and cultural theory."

MIT communications forum archive

by jlesage
the various programs are on many topics of media and mass communications; available in audio, video, or print format; good overview of contemporary media issues by academics and practitioners

20 November 2006

Local consumption cultures in a globalizing world by Peter Jackson

by jlesage
Focusing on the resilience of distinctive local consumption cultures, with evidence from three contrasting consumption cultures: consumption and 'public culture' in India, 'consumer nationalism' in China, and 'artful consumption' in Russia.

Geographies of Responsibility by Doreen Massey

by jlesage
on political implications of considering space within political discussions of responsibility and identity

Neoliberalizing Space

by jlesage
essay on updating space-place theory for contemporary economics

13 November 2006

Vectors Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

by jlesage
"multiple contours of daily life in an unevenly digital era... how technology shapes, transforms, reconfigures, and/or impedes social relations...including issues of globalization, mobility, power, and access"

11 November 2006

Howie's Home Page

by jlesage
homepage and access to many of Howard Becker's essays online; major figure in sociology of art

The Imperial Archive

by jlesage
influence of the British imperial process on literature from the 19th through the 21st centuries; deals with specific areas of the world that were former colonies

06 November 2006

archive : s0metim3s | Undercommons 2.0 | October | 2006

by jlesage
Andrew Ross: “Technology and Below-the-Line Labor in the Copyfight over Intellectual Property” (American Quarterly, 58:3, 2006).

by jlesage
visual encyclopedia that documents manufacturing processes, labor conditions and environmental impacts involved in the production of contemporary products.--summative photo essays produced by students guided by faculty

The geopolitics of knowledge and the colonial difference

by jlesage
by Walter Mignolo; "'modernity' is not a strictly European but a planetary phenomenon to which the "excluded barbarians" have contributed, although their contribution has not been acknowledged."

03 November 2006

"Flaubert's Point of View" by Pierre Bourdieu

by jlesage
complete text of long essay; Flaubert was a touchstone for Bourdieu in establishing the concept of the field of cultural production

The Forms of Capital

by jlesage
Bourdieu on economic, cultural, and social capital; full text essay

02 November 2006

Loïc Wacquant

by jlesage
site of sociologist who was often a co-author with Pierre Bourdieu; many links to full text essays online.

01 November 2006

The Art of Rent by David Harvey, SR 2002 | Socialist Register

by jlesage
"a widespread belief that there is something special about certain cultural products and events (be they in the arts, theatre, music, cinema, architecture or more broadly in localized ways of life, heritage, collective memories and affective communities).

24 October 2006

Fast Capitalism ejournal

by jlesage
interdisciplinary journal on information and communication in 21st cent. economy and culture; good authors; focus on new media

23 October 2006

Mute magazine-"Time, Labour & Social Domination"

by jlesage
long review by Moishe Postone; in-depth analysis of contemporary theories of non-material labor in information field

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