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07 April 2006

Some Doctors Voice Worry Over Abortion Pills' Safety

by jasontromm
Abortion rights advocates once hoped that RU-486 would prove at least as safe as surgical abortions and largely end the abortion wars by making access widely available and very private. But in the wake of reports in March that two more women had died after taking abortion pills, some doctors say they are increasingly uneasy about prescribing them.

22 March 2006

Recent Deaths Spark Re-evaluation of Abortion Pills

by jasontromm
Planned Parenthood changes the advice it offers women taking RU-486, while <strike>religious</strike> groups opposed to legal abortions re-ignite the debate over whether the “medical abortion” regimen should be administered at all.

27 February 2006

Australia Drug Companies Not Interested in Importing RU 486 Abortion Pills

by jasontromm
The Australia parliament voted to pave the way for legalizing the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, but no drug company in Australia is apparently interested in importing the pills for sale. The companies also said it wouldn't make good business sense to try to sell the drugs and engender the opposition of pro-life groups. That could erode support for other products.

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