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February 2008

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » マイクロソフトとヤフー合併で残るもの、消えるもの

by kuroyagi
"どちらのプラットフォームも完全ではない。が、バランス的に見て2社合併後のプラットフォームはマイクロソフトのAdCenterになるのでは? そこにYPN(ヤフーパブリッシャーネットワーク)が統合される。 結論: Microsoft adCenterの勝ち"

December 2007

パナマの解説本が米国で大人気! 著者のモナ氏に突撃インタビュー | Web担当者Forum

by kuroyagi

June 2007

Press Release: Reprise Media Releases "Inside Yahoo Panama" - the Most Detailed Review Yet of the "New" Yahoo Search Marketing

by kuroyagi
According to the report, Yahoo campaigns improved significantly in several areas since Panama’s release, with cost per clicks declining more than 6% and average click through rates increasing by 32%.

April 2007

Preliminary Scorecard: How Effective Is Yahoo's Panama Upgrade?

by kuroyagi
In many accounts, we've also noticed average CPC (cost per click) & CPA (cost per acquisition) have decreased. In most cases, CPC and CPA have decreased in the 6 to 7 and in the 7 to 8 percent range respectively.

October 2006

GoTo to Overture to YSM - Timeline »

by kuroyagi
History of Yahoo! Search Marketing, formerly Overture Services and

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