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26 July 2006

some Excerpt from WMM-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
SOURCE REALITY First Source exists in Source Reality. Source Reality is the dimension of consciousness that is always pushing the envelope of expansion—the leading edge of development and evolution for the whole of consciousness. In this realm of dynamic expansion is always found Source Reality. It can be likened to the inner sanctum of First Source or the incubator of cosmological expansion. There is no identity as a place in time because it is outside of time and non-time. It is the seam between the two, perfectly invisible and yet absolutely real.

翻譯by psiage - James Q&A: Belief systems and neo-sciences-WingMakers造翼者衝浪部落-新浪部落

by neosho
James的答覆: Dear Neosho, 謝謝你的真誠的探究。你的問題可以被完全地理解和領會。 在我的答覆裡我將會盡我所能地讓它清楚。 是的,科學,到某種程度,是人類的探索者們之信念系統的一種out-picturing(向外的描述)。我說的探索者們指的是科學家們。因為科學是一種學術的制度,所以它常會鑽入學術文化的洞穴裡,這使得它較不具彈性和有機(less flexible and organic)。作為一種制度,科學也會去保護它的歷史上的立場或基礎。


by neosho
Human Instrument〈人類儀具〉 〝人類儀具〞是由三個主要的部份所構成:生物性的〈The biological〉〈物質的身體〉、情感性的〈the emotional〉、以及心理的〈the mental〉。這三種不同的感知工具,聚集起來,代表了當〝個別化了的精神體〞(the individuated spirit)與時間、空間、能量、物質〈matter〉之物質性的次元交互作用時〈所用〉的工具。 Entity〈存有〉 包含了

25 July 2006

WingMakers Chinese - Neosho's inspiring by WMM-Related: Lyricus.org网站,〝ABOUT〞栏里的〝引言〞

by neosho
Lyricus.org网站,〝ABOUT〞栏里的〝引言〞(INTRODUCTION): 引言 ( INTRODUCTION ) 这个网站是被设计要去,在我们的行星上首次地,正式引介Lyricus教导团。它的内容将会提供一种Lyricus的详细背景,它的目的,结构,以及它对于行星的和族类的进化之确定方向的作用(its orientation to planetary and species evolution)。

24 July 2006

WingMakers Chinese - Neosho's inspiring by WMM-Related: 第三篇訪談(2) - DNA與"沒有形式的意識" - Neruda訪談

by neosho
摘录自第三篇访谈--- 译注:访谈中女记者的名字Sarah是虚构的,她不是真实生活中替James工作,写揭露信的那个Sarah。访谈是WingMakers资料中,小说内容之另一种形式的延伸。Dr. Neruda是小说中从,美国国家安全局底下,一个负责外星科技的取得之极机密组织ACIO,叛离出来的科学家。 第三篇访谈(2)

WingMakers Chinese - Neosho's inspiring by WMM-Related: NEW VIDEO ANIMATION OF ANCIENT ARROW SITE

by neosho
A new video animation has been produced that depicts the WingMakers’ Ancient Arrow Site in the Chaco Canyon area of New Mexico. The video is a computer animation based on the Ancient Arrow Site’s design and layout as depicted in the Ancient Arrow Project book.

23 July 2006

WingMakers Chinese - Neosho's inspiring by WMM-Related: James Q&A : about shape of prism do one choose to be

by neosho
James Q&A : about shape of prism do one choose to be Question 38 – Why do some individuals become unattached to spiritual organizations? I feel like I should be part of a church or religious institution and establish my true place, but there’s a part of me that feels my existential approach is necessary for my growth.

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