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🛠 ❤️ ONLINE - FUN / PLAY - Chrome Experiments | Experiments with Google (Work principaly with Chrome)

by decembre (via)
Chrome Experiments est une vitrine du travail de codeurs qui repoussent les limites de la technologie Web, créant de belles expériences Web uniques. Vous trouverez des liens utiles dans tout le site pour créer vos propres expériences, et vous pouvez également explorer des ressources comme WebGL Globe et notre atelier d'outils.





by srcmax
regl is a new functional abstraction for wegbl. using regl is easier than writing raw webgl code because you don't need to manage state or binding. it's also lighter and faster and has less overhead than many existing 3d frameworks. and it has a functional data-driven style inspired by react.


Creating a Lightsaber with Polymer | Google Web Showcase - Google Developers

by sbrothier
How we used Polymer to create a high-performance WebGL mobile controlled Lightsaber that is modular and configurable. We review some of the key details of our project to help you save time when creating your own next time you run into a pack of angry Stormtroopers.

Animating textures in WebGL - Web APIs | MDN

by sbrothier
In this demonstration, we build upon the previous example by replacing our static textures with the frames of a playing Ogg video file. This is actually pretty easy to do, but is fun to look at, so let's get started. Similar code can be used to use any sort of data (such as a canvas as the source for your textures.

JavaScript — Rigging and skeletal animation in Three.js

by sbrothier
Three.js supports some basic rigging and skeletal animation. The simplest way to achieve a nice character animation is to make it in appropriate software first. This article is going to be about Blender rigging workflow and how to do the best for a clean Three.js export.

Creating skeletal animation in Blender and exporting it to three.js. | DevMatrix

by sbrothier
Today I’ve faced a rather difficult problem to solve. Creating model in Blender, animating it with armature and exporting the animation to THREE.js (r56) JSON format.

Pixi.js - 2D webGL renderer with canvas fallback

by sbrothier & 1 other
Pixi.js is a devoted rendering engine. There are a host of other engines covering game, sound and physics etc. and they all work beautifully with Pixi. We know developers have their favourites for all these components in their projects and they use them for their strengths.

Mountain Moon Volcano

by sbrothier & 1 other
Can a comic still work in 3D? I don't know, but this website is a step towards finding out. Have an explore, have a laugh and have a good time!

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