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31 July 2006 - Webmaster Tools

by feision for Webmasters and Bloggers Add a novel element to your site or blog: Webmaster Tools. It's an easy way to integrate definitions, explanations and fast facts from reliable sources into your site content. With that kind of direct access to over three million topics, your site will not only be a great read, but an enriching resource. The free tools below are simple to incorporate and save time you'd normally spend explaining acronyms, jargon, or other terms that typically break the flow of writing... all that while spicing up your visitors' experience.

28 July 2006

:::zonble’s promptbook » 禍害無窮的 ImageReady:::

by feision
ImageReady還有許多其他的工具,也就是在縮短以往的電腦平面影像製作、桌上排版人員以及向量繪圖插畫家進入網頁設計之間落差的工具,其他軟體像 Fusion,強調的是你可以用類似操作 QuarkExpress 不斷拉文字框的方式,拉出一個一個絕對定位的div來放置文字的位置,結果做出來的網頁如果換了一個瀏覽器視窗大小,就會當場慘不忍睹。

27 July 2006


by feision
BLOG相關教學蒐集: # CSS語法教室: # CSS標準語法大整理: # CSS樣式結構表: # 配色寶典:

26 July 2006

Free Computer Books, Tutorials, and Lecture Notes

by feision & 13 others
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CSS Tools

by feision & 31 others
CSS, XHMTL, Webstandards related tools, references, and articles.

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