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Backlink Machine

by equis
A brand new SEO plugin that can get you hundreds of backlinks for your website - without any manual work. This is a must have Wordpress plugin that gets you higher Google rankings.



by runen
A guide to Wordpress management and development



Yahoo! Shortcuts

by GodSigmA & 1 other
Enhance your blog posts with Yahoo! Shortcuts.

Wordpress Plugin Tags Autolink: Huginn e Muninn

by runen
Tags Autolink automatically turns every tag name, when used in posts and pages, into a link to the same tag archive.

Versione aggiornata di Categories Autolink

by runen
Plugin per Wordpress Categories Autolink compatibile con la versione 2.3 di WP

Plugin per Wordpress 'Categories Autolink' | Huginn e Muninn

by runen
Wordpress Plugin which automatically sets links to blog categories when naming them in posts or pages. Plugin per Wordpress che linka automaticamente i nomi delle categorie alle stesse quando le si cita in un articolo o in una pagina del blog.


WP-AddQuicktag , plugin for adding quicktags - RMNL

by cuarenton & 1 other (via)
Quicktags personalizadas en WordPress Por: Christian el WordPress Hace unos días me he encontrado con un fascinante plugin, se trata de WP-AddQuicktag y este nos permite añadir quicktags personalizadas al editor clásico de WordPress fácilmente. Así nos ahorramos tiempo si es que frecuentemente utilizamos código u otras clases personalizadas (alineación, estilos, video, etc). - Home

by pyxosledisciple & 1 other
Banque de plugins pour WordPress.

Notable Wordpress Plugin

by hchicha & 7 others
wp plugin pour mettre un lien sur chaque post vers les outils network favoris des visteurs

An-Archos » Anarchy Media Player

by hchicha
Plugin pour wordpress pour jouer de la musique et des videos sur votre blog

Plugin: Posts in category 1.0

by GodSigmA
The plugin shows a customizable list of links to the posts published in the specified categories (also multiple ones).

Scott’s blog » Plugins Used

by hchicha
plugins pour wordpress a utiliser et a verifier sur place le resultat

WordPress Plugin for Embedding QuickTime movies

by hchicha
New WordPress Plugin for Embedding QuickTime movies

Plugins françisés pour WP2

by pyxosledisciple
Quelques plugins françisés pour WP 2 : - count down : compte à rebours - WP-contact form : formulaire de contact - wp-stats : statistiques sur le blog

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