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06 July 2006 18:15

Smalltalk/V Express Tutorial

by hernan
Smalltalk/V features pure object-oriented programming, a revolutionary approach to data abstraction, providing a new dimension in which to organize the elements of a software system. For you, this means being able to create highly reusable software, truly generic code and the opportunity to use a prototyping style of software development.

06 July 2006 17:30

VSE Goodies

by hernan
A collection of VisualSmalltalk Goodies.

06 July 2006 17:15


by hernan (via)
Object Database Management System for Visual Smalltalk 3.1, Dolphin Smalltalk, VisualAge Smalltalk, VisualWorks Smalltalk, Squeak. MinneStore is a free, object-oriented database that is written entirely in Smalltalk and provides storage and retrieval of complex Smalltalk objects. It is designed to eventually support simultaneous updating by multiple clients, but this feature is not ready yet.

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