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05 May 2005

KHRONOS PROJECTOR - Alvaro Cassinelli

by exiledsurfer & 6 others
Khronos is an experimental video-playback technology. By touching the screen and moving your hand, you can scrub an area of the video back and forth through time. "By actually touching a deformable projection screen, shaking it or curling it, separate 'is

15 April 2005

Participatory Culture Foundation

by exiledsurfer & 5 others
Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone can broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology. Viewers get intuitive, elegant software to subscribe to channels, watch video, an

07 April 2005

infoSync World : Preview: Samsung Miniket VP-X110L

by exiledsurfer
hared drive basec video cam with attachable firewire cam

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