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Stop Designing for “Users”

by greut

Activity-Centered Design (ACD) focuses on the activity context in which individuals interact with your product. Instead of analyzing specific goals and tasks, ACD focuses on the analysis of meaningful, goal-directed actions supported by tools and artifacts in a social world



Random pixels » Blog Archive » Pongo - a inexpensive UI lab

by greut

Ever wish you had your own UI-lab, but can’t build one with all the expensive cameras, big boxes and one-way-mirrors in your house right now?

It's a very small Silverback written in Python

MIUX08/Papers - NRCwikis

by greut

2nd International Workshop on Mobile Internet User eXperience

The presentations given that year

5 Design Decision Styles. What's Yours?

by greut (via)

In our research, we found that the most effective teams were skilled in all five styles, choosing the style that best fit the needs and goals of a project. For example, they might concurrently be involved in deep research on a User-Focused project, while relying on their experience for a Genius designed project, and spend a little time whipping out some one-shot functionality whose results would be Unintended Design.

Since the teams are working with different styles all the time, does it matter? Our research says it does. The teams that produced the best experiences knew these styles well and how to quickly switch between them. They knew when they needed to go whole hog and pull out all the stops for a User-Focused style project, while also knowing when it was important to bang out a quick design, knowing the results would essentially be unintended. Those teams had a rich toolbox of techniques and a solid understanding on how and when to use them.

There is no silver bullet.


Aza’s Thoughts » Ubiquity In Depth

by greut & 1 other (via)

Ubiquity is an experiment two parts. It’s both an interface and a development platform. Ubiquity 0.1 focuses on the platform aspects, while beginning to explore language-driven methods of controlling the browser.

Quicksilver for Firefox

RSS: What is a 'River of News' style aggregator?

by greut & 1 other (via)

Standard news readers organize feeds into groups, and then under each feed are items. If there's an unread item in a feed, the feed's name is bold. If you leave the cursor on an item long enough the feed name goes un-bold. These programs work much like mail readers, so much so that they are sometimes even integrated into mail readers.

the concept of "river of news" origin


COLOURlovers :: Color Trends & Palettes

by greut & 96 others
fight for love in the color revolution

UED Message - Ajax Patterns

by pvergain
is great to get data from the server side to the client side. But when you need to send data to the server side the advantage of using JSON is lost. In such cases UED or URL Encoded Data is a better method. The basic concept behind this is that the most used data structures can be easily encoded into a URL. One can create variables, numerical arrays, associative arrays, multi-level arrays etc. using existing syntax. The best part is all the server side languages are capable of handling this format - so no parsing is needed. * Ajax Data Transfer Format - UED(Url Encoded Data) * UED Demo

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