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June 2007

How To Change Belief

by ceorris
Reviews of both free and paid material, ranging from the old self help classics to the latest programs based on neuroscience and quantum physics

April 2007

Choose Your Goals Wisely | Law of Attraction Simplified

by kcaptk711
Do goals work? Yes they do, even if they are not yours. Let me give you an example. When I was at a maritime school, the mission of the school, besides giving me a good education, was for me to become a Captain. In four years at the academy I can’t tell you how many times they prefaced everything as if I was already a Captain. In my mind and the school’s I was already a maritime Captain.

March 2007

What Is The Secret? The Worldwide Event.

by soul1383 & 3 others
Have you seen THE SECRET video? Have you discovered The Secret Scroll? Will you have a front row seat? Ask and it is given... A worldwide event.

The Secret Law of Attraction

by torilink
Article posts about the law of attraction and using it in your everyday life. There is a forum also to ask questions and have discussions.

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