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25 March 2007

What Do You Do When The Law of Attraction Doesn't Seem to Work?

by jonathanbankert
My friend was ready to give up on this “law of attraction” stuff. We just got of the phone she was in tears, she was begging me for money so she could make rent. “What am I doing wrong I am doing everything The Secret says!” She cried out.

21 March 2007

What Self Help Gurus Who Challenge The Secret Don't Want You to Know

by jonathanbankert
...Persuasion and marketing experts Dave Lakhani, Kevin Hogan and Blair Warren are hosting a teleseminar titled “The Secret The Truth Behind the Lie”... Blair Warren, Kevin Hogan, and Dave Lakhani are no dummies- THEY ARE MARKETING AND PERSUASION ...

10 February 2007

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by kinghamid (via)
Assessing Income Opportunity Home Based Business Ideas ... Video is the newest craze in internet marketing and online publishing. Let’s face it, ...

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