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Association for the Advancementa of Rights of the Assistants in NHI/ 中央健保局業務助理權益促進會

by KarlMarx (via)
台灣中央健康保險局業務助理權益促進會是由健保局最基層的業助助理於2005年1月8日組成,他們長期不被局方及工會重視,因此自己組成團體爭取權益。 The Association for the Advancementa of Rights of the Assistants in NHI is organized by the "assistants" (a kind of contract workers) in the Bureau of National Health Insurance in Taiwan. Without the respect of the bureau and the trade union, the assistants decided to stand up for their rights on Jan. 8, 2005. This is their blog.

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B2B China Antenna Manufacturers

by tagtooga
China and Taiwan manufacturers of antenna products.

February 2006

Taipei - New York Times

by vista
It's not just the hardware — the tallest building in the world (for now), Wi-Fi coverage over more than half the city and a speedy and expanding subway system — that is sophisticated. The people, too, embody all the complexities of a country that is at once forward-looking and historically aware, internationally plugged in but diplomatically isolated, and as multiculturally hybrid (influences include China, Japan and the United States) as it is full of hometown pride.

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