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October 2006

Hello all

by BettyDVinson
Hello, all, I'm Tracy. I like dancing and listening to music. I study in college. I have found wonderful friends there. I enjoy my life and I hate studying.

sport cars and bars? not for him!

by JamesHolland
Hello, I'm Max. I like nifty things, like sport cars and top-class bars. But that's what I dream about, and I can't afford for now. I want to finish college, than, maybe, university, get a degree, and earn lots of money. The only trouble for me is that I'm not very good in research. And term-paper writing also. So, I'll stick to some services, like - I'm sure, it'll help

July 2006

Japanese Lessons

by sissy & 3 others
Hello, listeners! Welcome to the website of our "Japanese Lessons. " I'm Mihoko Honda, the presenter of our English service for learning Japanese. This website provides you with the reedited versions of "Basic Japanese for You" and "Brush Up Your Japanese" that are designed for the Internet users. Their original versions are on the air on NHK World Radio Japan, that is the overseas shortwave service of NHK. Why don't you study Japanese with me?

January 2006

european language passport

by rike_ & 1 other
The Europass Language Passport allows you to describe your language skills, skills that are vital for learning and working in Europe. The Europass Language Passport was developed by the Council of Europe as part of the European Language Portfolio which consists of three documents: the Language Passport, the Language Biography and the Dossier.

July 2005

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