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MusicHack #4

by grahamenglish
Lost? Get some direction. Use Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies to tell you what to do next.

If Leonardo da Vinci was a songwriter

by grahamenglish
Leonardo da Vinci would recognize how a single note changes the world.

Songwriting Tips & Tools - The Muse's Muse

by Hydragon & 1 other
The Muse's Muse is devoted to discussion and information having to do with the craft of songwriting. Founded in 1995, it contains musician classifieds and spotlights, busy message boards, music-related links and resources, songwriting association listings, music reviews, copyright and publishing info, articles, interviews, a weekly chat (9pm EST Mondays - co-hosted by, a free monthly newsletter and a great deal more. | Songwriting Courses, Community and Connections

by Hydragon
The first songwriting community on the Internet where all the tools you need to succeed are available online at a price you can afford. Learning alongside professional songwriters, making co-writing connections and pitching your'll find it all here at


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