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November 2006

Confronting Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Ed'n in 21st Century

by jlesage
Henry Jenkins, with Katie Clinton, Ravi Purushotma, Alice J. Robinson, and Margaret Weigel ; PDF or online in 6 parts; sensible and sparks new directions of thought; respectful of students

The Forms of Capital

by jlesage
Bourdieu on economic, cultural, and social capital; full text essay

October 2006

About radical reference | Radical Reference

by jlesage
a service provided by volunteer library workers from all over the United States to assist demonstrators and activists

Networked Public Culture

by jlesage
theses for a proposed book on this topic, to which readers are invited to contribute, with comments included in "symposia" after each chapter, first announcement. Later entries include chapter contributors, topics, comments.

July 2006

June 2006

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